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The first book, ‘Journey to the Beginning of the World’, was published in 2016. After a few months, a London Council approached us to use the book to teach religious tolerance in its primary schools, kickstarting the Learn2Think foundation and its partnership with UNESCO.

Since then the creative team at Rapscallion Press has produced other books with critical thinking and questioning at their core, exploring themes such as fear of difference and political systems.

Why I Wrote Journey to the Beginning of The World' by Virginia Mclean

“When I was a new Mum I was trying so hard to get things ‘right’. I wanted to make sure my young daughter spent her time being stimulated by the highest quality books and activities.

After giving up a career, I wanted to be the best parent I could be, but no one told me it would be so difficult. There is immense peer pressure from the media, ‘experts’, and other parents (who seemed to have everything figured out).

What none of them addressed was how to handle my daughter’s constant stream of questions like ‘how was the world made?’, ‘why are we here?’ and ‘do aliens exist?’. On one end, there were religious books and on the other, dry science books but nothing that explained to her that some questions are philosophical and have many possible answers.

I was disappointed to see some parents either give their children a single definitive answer or tell them to stop bothering them with ‘silly’ questions. This lack of interest was reflected in the books that were available on the topic at the time.

I knew that if I couldn’t create resources that would help my daughter to understand the wider world, then she would be less likely to be able to think for herself.

So, I decided to research the different cultures of the world for creation stories. I found thousands and used them to bring to life one of the biggest philosophical questions, ‘How was the world made?’ and made it understandable and exciting to children through a fun and interactive adventure book.

I showed the draft to my daughter, and it immediately engaged her curiosity and critical thinking, making me a very proud parent!”

Virginia McLean, Author


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