Political Systems Dissected for 9-13 Year-olds

'Journey to the Beginning of the World' is a richly illustrated children's storybook that develops children's thinking skills by exploring BIG QUESTIONS. Our intrepid duo, Sophie and Kit, want to find out how the world was made. They are whooshed off from the magic section of a bookshop to visit a panda, an elephant, a donkey, and a scientist from a space station. All of them are sure they have the answer, but let's face it, they couldn't all be right...


Varun, 10

This mesmerising book has eye-catching illustrations and I would recommend everyone to buy it. It’s a fountain of knowledge and ideas with lots of religion, magic and science. It made us all think outside the box!


Aisha, 11

This book is a great stimulus for philosophy and for thinking. The book gives you a fountain of ideas and I was intrigued by the colourful illustrations. I would rate this book


Abdi, 11

This book is amazing for all ages; just fabulous. It is a book of true wonders. Making people think is the key part to any book and this book smothered us in puzzling mysteries!


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